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At·a·ca·ma Desert

An arid region of northwest Chile. One of the driest areas in the world, it has yielded great nitrate and copper wealth


Crossing the Andes from Salta, Argentina to San Pedro, Chile

Time January 1992
Duration 6 weeks
Beast of Burden Bike (Faggin #1)
Partner No, solo
Countries Argentina, Bolivia, Chile
Version Beta
Language German

Started in Santiago de Chile, crossed the Andes over Bermejo pass into Argentina, riding to Salta with some rather scaring lightning experiences and then crossing back into Chile over the fantastic Sico pass. Over one week of very tough dirt tracks over 4000 m. First visit to Laguna Verde, later the Bike frame broke near Maria Elena.

Up and down - Mountain madness in the Andes

Time December 1995
Duration 6 weeks
Beast of Burden Bike (Herkelmann)
Partner No, solo
Countries Chile
Highlights Lago Chungara, Ollague, Paso Agua Negra, Paso Maricunga
Version Alpha
Language German

Started in Santiago with very elaborated plans, which were shattered after only one week. Started in Santiago de Chile, rode up (and down) Paso Agua Negra, Lago Chungara, Ollague and almost Paso San Francisco.

Altiplano Crossing - Over the salar and up the Volcano

Time April 1999
Duration 6 weeks
Beast of Burden Bike (Herkelmann)
Partner No, solo
Countries Bolivia, Chile
Highlights Licancabur climb, Laguna Colorada, Salar de Uyuni
Version Beta
Language English

Consequent application of the "Bike the best and Bus the rest" technique . The initial plan was to ride from Lago Chungara, along the bolivian border, to San Pedro de Atacama. It failed after one week due to heavy weather. Instead I was probably the first biker ever to ride the road up to Collahuasi Copper Mine. I continued to Ollague and further on to Uyuni in Bolivia. Almost reached the summit of Ollague Volcano by bike, later rode from San Pedro to Laguna Colorada and finally summited Licancabur Volcano.

Walking on thin air - Around the Aucanquilcha

Time October 2000
Duration 5 weeks
Beast of Burden By foot and Bus
Partner Yes, Ros
Countries Chile, Argentina, Brazil
Highlights Sairecabur climb, Trek around Aucanquilcha, Foz de Iguaçu
Version Beta
Language English

Our intention was to climb several Volcanoes, including Ojos del Salado. We failed bitterly, but at least had an extraordinary experience to hike around Aucanquilcha Volcano and later climbed Sairecabur near San Pedro.


13 passes over the Andes by Louis Berger


3rd April 2002